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New Work in Process

One of the most exciting aspects of being an artist is working on something completely new and different so this gallery will feature works that are still in process but that I am excited to share.  This gallery will feature both custom designed handmade vessel sinks that I am working on based on the idea or inspiration of a customer or unique designs that I come up with because I think they would look awesome on a sink!  This gallery will also feature other works in process that I want to share.  When I have time and I am inspired I make sculptural art vessels where I combine classic forms with natural elements such as insects or extra worldly inspired life forms and combine that with the rich visual complexity of crystalline glaze.  I have made a couple commissioned art vessels in the past so if you are looking for a unique art vessel I would love to work with you as well.  Below is a link to my Etsy shop section that has my art pottery if you are interested in having a closer look but in the meantime I hope you enjoy seeing these new ideas as they start to come to life.  I will update the gallery with pictures of the finished pieces once they are glaze fired as well but that is one of the hardest parts of ceramics, waiting for things to dry so you can fire them!

Dune Sandworm Vessel Sink
Dune sand worm insprired one of a kind ceramic art vessel sink
Dune inspired sand worm one of a kind ceramic art vessel sink for bathroom

One of my favorite movies/books of all time is Dune by Frank Herbert! I was only 8 when the movie version of the book came out and I remember my mother reading the book at the time, she told me it was a really interesting story but kind of complex to read.  She took me to the movie and I fell in love with the other worldly story, there were so many rich visual details and alien creatures.  Years later in my late teens I read the book and later went on to read many of the sequels to the novel.  I remember staring at my mother's book and wondering about the worm-like creatures on the cover so these worm beasts have been in my mental mythology since I was a young child.  In one of my early clay classes in college I made a crude sculpture of the Shai-hulud (Herbert's name for these beasts) but after seeing the trailer for the new movie that comes out later this month I was inspired to make my own personal vessel sink with this epic "spice" making creature on it.  One of the most fun aspects that took me a bit to figure out was making sand like waves.  I do a lot of water waves on my ocean themed vessel sinks so I know they would be similar but I still wanted to make them read more like wind blown sand dunes of the desert.  

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