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"We love our custom made sink. Diane is such a talented artist and was great to work with. This sink is beautiful with papa bear and cubs and she did a wonderful job matching the tile photos I sent her. One of a kind piece that we love seeing every day!"

"This made to order sink arrived today and is absolutely gorgeous. The artist/seller went above and beyond to accommodate my colors. This is truly a one-of-a-kind sink. It was my pleasure to work with such a professional! Thanks so much."

"This sink was a special order, and wow I can’t find the words as to how beautiful this is! I love it so much! She packaged it up so well, and it came in perfect condition. If I need a pretty sink in the future, I know where to go!! Highly recommended! Thanks!!"



I have been working in clay for over 20 years and have an MFA in ceramics.  My passion for making ceramic vessel sinks started when I wanted to renovate a bathroom, I started looking at vessel sinks and it dawned on me that I could create my own sink!  From there it started, I listed a couple for sale and was amazed that they sold!  We spend so much time over our bathroom sinks, why not have a sink that is a handmade, functional art piece!  Working with customers to have their vision's come to life in a custom sink is my goal.  I have been selling through Etsy for the past 10 years, a link to my shop is down below, there you can find my customer reviews and more examples of my work in both made to order and ready to ship listings.


How I got started making sinks

 CeramicGoddess Sinks

CeramicGoddess sinks are unique, handmade, one of a kind functional art pieces.  When I started out making pottery vessel sinks there were not many choices out there.  There were a few handmade artisan sinks but the main options were commercial sinks made in white and black.  Today there are lots of options for bathroom sinks and many are really beautiful but the majority are made from molds in factories (the same process as toilet making) and glazed with ceramic decals (thin colorful layers of glaze over a base glaze that can wear away over time). CeramicGoddess sinks are handcrafted from start to finish, starting with making my own clay.  My vessel sinks have three dimensional detail with either bold sculptural designs or intricate patterns along the border.  All of my sinks start out round because they are made on the pottery wheel but I can modify the shape to make them oval or squared off at the top, and can even modify the shape to make flower sinks, organic shaped sinks or sinks in a star or fan shape. They are glazed with the unique visual complexity of crystalline glazes. My sinks are fully customizable, I can even add your brand or logo to a sink and can match most colors.  I have many designs that have become popular throughout the years and often I have these sinks in stock and ready to ship.  Some of my most popular designs are ocean themed (like my sea turtle vessel sinks), sculpted tree vessel sinks, or sinks with patterned borders (like Moroccan, art deco, craftsman or art nouveau. Art nouveau is a particular passion of mine so peacocks sinks or anything with the swirling organic lines of the period are always especially fun to do! Often I have some of these more popular sinks made and ready to ship if you need a sink in a hurry, but if you have the time then I would love to create the vessel sink of your dreams!


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