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  • I am interested in a custom sink so what is the next step?
    Getting in touch with me by email is the easiest way to get a custom sink started. We can discuss the design and colors and see if your vision is possible.
  • How do I order a sink?
    Emailing me your request with your desired design is the easiest way but you can also go to my Etsy Shop page or find me directy at if you want to purchase one of my made to order listings. Every request will get made but I do put priority prepurchased sinks so if you want to make sure a sink is made as quickly as possible I do suggest a prepurchase.
  • Do you need a deposit or prepayment for a custom sink?
    My primary goal is making a sink you will love so usually I do not ask for a deposit or prepayment on a sink. I would rather make it, send you pictures then if you are happy you can purchase once it is made. The exception to this is if you want something so custom that it would not appeal to others. If you want a custom logo or words or imagery that does not have some kind of mass appeal then yes, I would ask for a deposit to make sure you have intent to purchase.
  • I have a specific color/colors in mind, can you match it/them?"
    I can color match to the best of my ability. You can send me pictures through email or text or send me acutal pysical samples through the mail. I am at the mercy of chemstry so some combinations are not possible but usually I can find a way to match most colors.
  • How long does it take to get a custom or made to order sink?
    Usually a sink take 4-6 weeks to make, dry and fire plus an addition 2-7 days to ship. Drying is what takes the most time and that varies with my humidity conditions (depends on the season on Texas) as well as how large or how thick the sink is (if the sink has lots of thick sculptural detail it takes longer to dry). I can give you a good estimate on the time to complete the sink once I know what you are interested in.
  • Can you put my logo or brand or my personal imagery on a sink?
    Yes, if you would like me to create a sink for your business or ranch or just a personal logo I can create my own stamps or hand carve a design to accommodate your logo or custom imagery.
  • So what if you create a sink for me but I just don't like it?
    If you asked me to create a custom or "made to order" sink and you are unhappy with it, for example, if the colors don't acually work or just seeing it in real life is not what you envisioned, then there is no risk to you. Simply tell me it doesn't work and I am happy to try to remake it you are free to find another sink. The only time that this does not apply is on custom designs with logos, words or imagry that does not have a mass appeal (which we will discuss in the design process).
  • The sink you made for me is really awesome but something is not quite right, can you try again at no cost to me?"
    Yes, occasionally the second time is the charm. Perhaps you had a vision with colors in mind but after seeing them on the sink is just too much or perhaps I did not get the colors you envisioned quite right. I am happy to try again, my goal is to get you a sink you love so if you are not happy with my first try and if you have the time to wait for me to try again then I am more then happy to do so!
  • Do you accept returns?
    In many cases I do accept returns if I am notified quickly (no more than a week after receiving). I want people to love their sink but if they get it and for some reason it does not live up to their expectations then I do accept returns as long that it is a sink that has mass appeal (I do not accept returns on sinks with logos, words or personal imagery but I will disclose that on ordering). I will fully refund a sink minus the cost I spent in shipping once the sink is returned to me (you must return the sink at your cost).
  • Your packaging was awesome but sink but it arrived broken, now what?"
    I pack really well, double boxed with plenty of bubble wrap and packing material but very occasionally a sink will break in transit. If this happens I offer two options, a full refund or I will remake and replace the sink asap. If you wish a refund then you must agree to keep the sink and packaging until the claim is settled and you must follow a link that provide from the insurance carrier to verify the claim. If you want me to remake the sink then I will get it done as soon as I can and send it off with no additional cost to you.
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