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Gallery of Installed Sinks by CeramicGoddess

These are some fabulous examples of customer installed vessel sinks that I have received over the years.  Receiving these pictures is the most exciting climax to what I do because they bring the sinks to life! These are just examples of what I can do but the possibilities are just so endless.  Ocean or nautical themed vessel sinks have been very popular over the years for me and they are one of my favorite sinks to do.  When I was getting my graduate degree I made a series of sculptures with sea slugs (nudibranchs) on them because I loved their unique colorful forms and they held a special meaning for me.  For many years I was blessed to live with a reef aquarium, I have a huge fascination with ocean life because there is so much diversity visually as well as marvelous physiological specializations developed to fulfill environmental niches. I guess it is cliche to say but I really love all things in nature and it is so exciting to sculpt life like forms like trees, bears, birds or even alligators.  I love the challenge of making flora and fauna look real but on a smaller scale and the most exciting part is giving sculpture function! Sculpting sinks in particular shapes is fun as well, they all start off round but I can also do oval vessel sinks, squared vessel sinks at the rim or even sinks in the shape of a flower, star, organic or fan. If I can see it then I can sculpt it so if you have a vision of something you would like to see on your vessel sink I would love the opportunity to bring that vision to life!

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